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Mrs Bates of Highbury

Mrs Bates of Highbury

eBook of Mrs Bates of Highbury: A prequel inspired by Jane Austen's 'Emma' by Allie Cresswell. 


Once your payment has been processed, an ePub file of your chosen book will be sent to your email address. This is file is compatible with all kinds of eReader devices. Open the file using your favourite reading app or forward it to your reading device. You will find your eReader email address in the ‘settings – personalise’ section of your eReader. It’s possible that you will receive a message asking you to confirm that the file is safe. It is! Enjoy your book.


Thank you for purchasing directly from the author. As a self-published writer I don’t have the support of a big company behind me. I rely on my readers to spread the word about my books. If you enjoy your book, a brief review on Goodreads, Bookbub or any other book platform would be greatly appreciated.


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